EVE310 Sustainable Systems Engineering. Fall 2018

This course intends to introduce the student to a variety of subjects in systems-thinking, computing, data, and technology components of systems to better prepare the students for their future professional careers. Topics include: simple design and 3D printing, network science, basic programming,  build data logger using Arduino, collect and analyze data, and linear optimization.

The Water Competition, November 2018

CE 356 Elements of Hydraulic Engineering. Fall 2016; 2017

Analysis and design of civil engineering hydraulic systems including piping and pipe networks, pumps, open channel flow, and hydraulic jumps. Hydraulic engineering focuses on the design of storage and transport infrastructure systems.

CE 385D Water Resources Planning and Management. Spring 2017; 2018;

Final project by Camila Correa, Jorden Castañeda, and Regina Canals (Spring 2017)

This course will provide the student an introduction to the planning, design, and operation of water resources systems using mathematical optimization methods and models. The student will learn to apply basic economic analysis and operations research techniques and will formulate and solve the models using Matlab programming language.

Visit to LCRA April 2017

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